Dame Helen Mirren can now die happy after cementing her place in Hollywood history.
The actress insists her recent hand and feet ceremony outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood completes the triple for an actress - and she still can't believe her prints are in the cement outside the landmark alongside her movie heroes and heroines.
Mirren tells WENN, "When I first came to Los Angeles the first place I went to was Hollywood Boulevard and Grauman's Chinese Theatre. I went and looked at Joan Crawford's hands and feet and the whole history of American filmmaking is encapsulated in that one little area.
"That street to me has always been a street of dreams and personally I'm thrilled that the Oscars are back on Hollywood Boulevard (at the Kodak Theatre). I think that's where they should be.
"To find myself so many years later that my hands and feet are gonna be there, I'm absolutely blown away by it. Becoming a Dame, fantastic; winning an Oscar, amazing; hands and feet, incredible!"