Dame Helen Mirren believes women are under too much pressure to look good.

The Oscar winning actress thinks it's unfair that female stars are given such a hard time by fashion critics to look perfect on the red carpet and she admits it's a challenge picking the right outfit to wear to high profile events.

She told Graham Norton on his chat show: ''There is a lot of pressure about the gown. It's very unfair on us girls, it's uncomfortable and stress-making and then they tell you, 'You look crap'.''

'The Queen' star - who shared a kiss with Hollywood hunk Paul Rudd on the programme - also spoke about filming love scenes and she said she finds them particularly difficult.

She said: ''It is so technical it becomes a mathematical thing to be worked out.''

However the 43-year-old actor disagreed saying filming intimate scenes has been the highlight of his career so far.

Speaking about his role in 'How Do You Know' he said: ''The most kisses I've had in a movie was with Jack Nicholson where we played a loving father and son. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.''