Helen Hunt's hit 1990s sitcom Mad About You is set to be remade for Chinese audiences next year (15).

Producers at Sony Pictures Television have teamed up with bosses at China's HuaCheng Pictures to revamp the U.S. show, which starred Hunt and Paul Reiser as a newlywed couple attempting to sustain its marital bliss throughout a series of personal and professional hurdles.

Casting details have yet to be released, but production is due to begin in early 2015.

In a statement, Sony executive Dai Huang writes, "We have chosen to co-produce a local version of Mad About You in China because we believe this story about a young couple trying to balance their lives in the big city will be especially relevant to local audiences."

The original Mad About You series, set in New York City, ran for seven seasons from 1992 until 1999.