Actress Helen Hunt appeared on live television this morning (28OCT04) to urge America's single women to participate in the "sexy" act of voting at this year's (04) presidential election.

Hunt appeared on women's chat show The View with her cause, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with "November 2" - the date either US President GEORGE W Bush or Senator John Kerry will be voted in to lead the nation.

She says, "I heard that 22 million single women didn't vote in the last election, and I started to get this image of what this November 3rd could be like if that group got together. It's bigger than any other sort of targeted group of voters...

"I also think there's something very sexy about voting. You don't have to do what your husband says, what your father says, what your boss says, what your parents say. You go in that booth you are empowered to change the nation. It's no joke. One vote is an important as the next."

She also took a moment to endorse her choice of candidate, adding, "I am very excited to enthusiastically vote for John Kerry on the 2nd, but whoever you're gonna vote, do you wanna wake up on the 3rd and say, 'It went the other way and I stayed home?'"

28/10/2004 22:10