SUGABABES singer Heidi Range's two year relationship with British MTV presenter Dave Berry has reached crisis point - because the hunky TV star is always surrounded by beautiful women.

Range, who is rumoured to be engaged to Berry, has had enough of hearing stories about lusty lovelies hanging around Berry, and is contemplating whether they have a future together.

A friend of the HOLE IN THE HEAD star says, "Heidi desperately loves Dave and he feels the same about her.

"But she has gradually got fed up with his behaviour. Heidi doesn't mind him going out with his mates - but whenever he does, he always has girls hanging off his arms.

"Dave is a very good looking guy so he is bound to get a lot of attention from the ladies. But with Heidi being so busy with the band, she's thinking, 'Is this worth it?'"

07/09/2004 14:01