SUGABABES singer Heidi Range is being urged by a major record label to take them up on a tantalising solo offer - and bosses claim they can turn her into the next Beyonce Knowles.

Heidi is currently riding high with fellow Sugababes Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan, but at least one large record label is keen to snap up her vocal talents before the FREAK LIKE ME band splits.

Bemused Heidi explains, "It's crazy. All I have ever wanted to do is sing and now they say that once the band have ceased to be popular they can see me having a solo career like Beyonce."

A music insider adds, "She is without doubt the most popular member of the group, with a great voice. We think we could develop a DESTINY'S CHILD-like situation with her. We are looking at tracks we could release to test the water.

"Who knows where it will lead?"

Heidi, who was originally in Atomic Kitten, replaced SIOBHAN DONAGHY - who claimed the group made her depressed - in 2001.

04/08/2003 21:20