SUGABABE star Heidi Range hates it when paparazzi take unflattering photographs of her body, because it only heightens her insecurities.

The HOLE IN THE HEAD singer admits she lacks confidence over her figure, and has now learnt to cover up the parts of her body she doesn't want sprawled across tabloids.

Heidi moans, "I'm just the same as anyone else, I don't love my figure or anything, so it's not nice when the press pick up on things.

"There was a picture in the paper of me where I was leaning and they had a close-up of my nipples. Everyone gets that when they lean over on the side!

"I went on holiday to Mexico a few weeks ago and wouldn't walk around without my sarong on in case they caught a dodgy picture of my a***."

29/10/2003 21:22