Heidi Range's best New Year's Eve was spent in Dubai.

The Sugababes singer loved getting the opportunity to have a holiday with her long-term boyfriend, TV presenter Dave Berry, because one of them is usually working over the festive period.

She said: "One of my most memorable was about four years ago when we went to Dubai.

"We stayed out in the desert at a resort called Bab Al Shams, which is really isolated. Every night they'd make a big fire and pt all these blankets out, and you'd sit with a drink chatting to all the different people staying there.

"On New Year's Eve they did a big banquet where they had belly dancers and performers, then, at midnight a fireworks display, which was just stunning."

Last year, the pair decided to not even leave their London home - which overlooks the River Thames - but insist they still enjoyed welcoming in the New Year.

Heidi added: "We decided to stay in and watch the fireworks, which were just amazing."