Heidi Range says the things she most misses about home when she is on tour are cups of tea.

The Sugababes singer enjoys jetting around the world but claims she can't find anywhere in other countries that makes her favourite hot drink as well as she can in her native Britain.

She tweeted: "Home sweet home with a nice cup of tea, it's the simple things you miss when you've been away."

Heidi has just returned from Azerbaijan where she and her bandmates - Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen - performed a private show.

The pop trio played at the exclusive Chinar Lounge, in the Middle Eastern country's capital city Baku, and treated revellers to eight tracks, including 'Round Round' and 'Get Sexy'.

Heidi, 26, loved her time in the country and took to her twitter page to tell her fans about experience.

She wrote: "Hey tweeters, in Azerbaijan with the girls. Lovely, lovely, friendly people."

Although their time in Azerbaijan was fantastic, the flight to the country didn't go so well.

The plane was caught in an electrical storm but after a severe bout of turbulence the journey went smoothly.