Heidi Range is pregnant.

The former Sugababes singer hoped to conceive ''straight away'' when she married property developer Alex Partakis last September, but it took longer than she expected so she was stunned to finally realise she's carrying her first child.

Heidi - who is due to give birth in January - said: ''It has been a bit year for us. Our wedding was amazing and then I had hoped I would fall pregnant straight away.

''But as each month went by, I would take a test and I got used to it always being negative. So when it came back positive it was a shock.

''Alex was asleep and I came running into the bedroom with a stick, saying, 'Is that a cross? Am I pregnant?' ''

But the 34-year-old star thinks the timing of her pregnancy was particularly ''special''.

She explained: ''We moved into our house at Easter after spending two years renovating it and we think that was the same weekend we conceived.

''It was like it was meant to be.

''It was so special that it happened in our first family house together. It's made our home have this lovely feeling about it.''

Heidi and 37-year-old Alex don't yet know the sex of their unborn baby but are planning a gender reveal party to celebrate with their loved ones in the coming weeks.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Alex had to go back to work after our scan and I want to have a proper moment once we find out, so we asked the doctor to write down the sex and put it in an envelope.

''We're going to wait until my mum is back from her holiday to find out.

''I've ordered a cake and blue and pink decorations. I can't wait.''