Heidi Range has admitted that she was distraught when she broke up with fiance Dave Berry six weeks ago. Heidi Range has now said that her role on 'Dancing on Ice' has helped her get through the break-up.

Talking about her eight-year relationship for the first time, the Sugababes singer told the Sunday Mirror: 'The end of last year was awful. We're still great friends and I saw him last week... but it's hard. Dancing On Ice has got me through it. It's given me a new lease of life. My life's been turned upside down and I don't know what is going to happen. I'm thinking about a solo album, I'm thinking about TV presenting, I'm thinking the world is my oyster right now. For 10 years every part of my life has been planned. It's been in the diary. It's exciting to be making a fresh start. This show has been brilliant. It's given me confidence and I've got my groove back.'

Heidi had got engaged to Dave over New Year in 2009. She elaborated that not even their close friends knew about the split until it was made public. Heidi further said that the ice-skating has allowed her to get back in shape: 'The weight loss has been brilliant. I was just over eight-and-a-half stone before I started. I'm 5ft 2in and I've always had to work really hard on my figure. Now I'm more toned than ever. I see my personal trainer three times a week, on top of the skate training.' The competition continues tonight (22 Jan 2012) on ITV1.