Heidi Range always felt responsible for her other bandmates.

The former Sugababes singer has taken a leap into theatre after the troubled girl group - who haven't released any new material since 2011 - decided to embark on a break, and she admits it's less pressure performing on stage than producing music with members Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen.

Asked how acting and singing are different, she said: ''I think it is different. I think there's more of a big family [in theatre] I guess because there's more of you. I think it just feels like a big family, it sounds really cheesy but it does. I mean you've obviously got a lot of pressure on you as an individual to make sure you're character is right, but in regards to the actual show there's not as much pressure.

''Whereas with the band it was up to the three of us to make it work. Also you don't feel responsible for everyone else I guess in the sense that you did with the band, because it's just you three and if someone is not in the right mind frame you're really panicking about that.''

The 30-year-old star is currently starring opposite former 'Emmerdale' actor Ben Freeman in a touring production of 'Happy Days: A New Musical' - based on the popular US sitcom - where she plays Pinky Tuscadero.

Speaking about the play, she said: ''I'm just enjoying it. I trained when I was younger in singing, acting and dancing. I mean it's been a long time since I did all three but it really comes back to you but I'm just really loving it and enjoying it.''