Reality TV star Heidi Montag has fired back at her mother's suggestions she was "drugged" before marrying THE HILLS co-star Spencer Pratt at the end of November (08).
The couple eloped to Mexico to wed, upsetting Montag's mother Darlene Egelhoff, who went public with her feelings earlier this week (begs01Dec08).
She told that she feared Pratt had drugged her daughter before the ceremony, but Montag is outraged by the remark.
She tells MTV News, "I want to make it very clear to family, friends and fans that the decision to marry Spencer was very much mine.
"It was a beautiful day, and I've never been happier. For someone who wasn't even there to suggest otherwise is extremely disappointing."
Montag also addressed reports the wedding was nothing more than a publicity stunt: "I look forward to everyone seeing the footage of our time in Mexico on The Hills, so they can see for themselves what a joyous occasion it was."
Meanwhile, Pratt has addressed the question of their marriage's legitimacy, stating he plans to make the marriage legal in the U.S.
He explains, "I'm on it. In my mind, it's as legal as the ring on my finger, but I wouldn't want everyone going around saying, 'It's not real.'"