Heidi Montag's mother has wrecked her daughter's new wedded bliss by predicting her marriage to Spencer Pratt will last just six months.
Darlene Egelhoff is fuming after The Hills stars eloped to Mexico to marry in secret on 24 November (08), and she is accusing 25-year-old Pratt of controlling her daughter and forcing her to sideline her own family.
Distraught Darlene tells Us Weekly magazine, "(When I heard they had married) I was devastated. I've spent many hours crying and depressed.
"I've been completely cut out because of Spencer. I didn't get to shop for a dress and be involved.
"She's too young to get married, and Spencer has cut everyone out of her life. He and I have never gotten along. He's disrespectful and rude. I want the best for my daughter - and he's definitely not it. I think Spencer wants to possess Heidi more than marry her.
And she delivers a damning verdict on the future of the union: "I'm confident the marriage won't work out. I give it six months."