Heidi Montag has insisted her son will not repeat his parents' ''mistakes''.

The 31-year-old reality star and her husband Spencer Pratt welcomed their son Gunner Stone into the world six months ago, and Heidi has now revealed she wants her tot to grow up to be his own person, and to ''enjoy his life'' free from making the same mistakes that his famous parents have made.

She said: ''I just want him to enjoy his life, and not live in his parents' mistakes or shadows.''

The 'Hills' alum famously underwent 10 body-altering surgeries in the space of 24 hours, and hit the headlines several times during her time as a reality TV star for being ''over-the-top'' and attention seeking.

She added: Things that Spencer and I were shamed for, like, 'Oh they're so cheesy and over-the-top' - now every A-list celebrity is doing, it's just on their Instagram. It's the exact same thing, and it's being seen by maybe even more people than what we had done. It's fascinating that that's accepted now, but it was cheesy and fame-wh***y when we did it.''

But she now insists she's looking for more opportunities for her son.

Heidi revealed Spencer have considered moving to Colorado to ''raise [Gunner] with different values'', but are also toying with the idea of staying in California ''where you're not as sheltered.''

The blonde beauty admits she can't believe she had a life before Gunner was born, and has confessed to being a neat-freak as a mother.

Speaking to PAPER magazine, she said: ''It's weird to think I was a person before Gunner. It's either covers on or shoes off. I want to keep the floor germ-free for the baby.''