Heidi Montag's marriage to Spencer Pratt could be saved by "relationship counselling".

The blonde beauty's estranged husband - who signed divorce papers to end their year-long union earlier this month - has reportedly begged the reality TV star to consider professional help to get their romance back on track.

Spencer - who this week threatened to release three sex tapes featuring Heidi unless she agrees to star in a reality TV series with him -still "loves" his estranged wife and a source told gossip website TMZ he is prepared to do anything to get her back.

The source also claims Heidi, who reportedly separated from Spencer in April on their first wedding anniversary, is open to the idea of a reconciliation.

Spencer is also said to have admitted to having a "fame addiction", which he is also to seek help for.

Earlier this week, Heidi - who is in the process of moving to Costa Rica, in a bid to stay out of the limelight - said she was "really getting along" with Spencer, who was helping her move, before he announced his plans to release the sex tapes.

Heidi said: "We were really getting along and it was amazing he was being so thoughtful to help me move. Then things turned."

Of the pornographic tapes, Heidi added: "Spencer is trying to drum up press. This is exactly why I wanted to divorce him in the first place."

Spencer has previously admitted his marriage ran into problems because of his desire to stay famous, while his spouse wanted a quieter life.

He said: "We love each other but I'm a famew***e and I'll never grow out of it. Heidi knows that and doesn't want that.

"I want every kind of press. She believes in bad press. There's no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will every work out successfully."