Heidi Montag planned to divorce Spencer Pratt for the sake of her career.

The reality TV beauty filed for divorce from Spencer in July, two months after they separated after less than a year of marriage, but since reconciling with her former 'The Hills' co-star, the pair have now admitted they had ulterior motives for their separation.

Spencer said: "The divorce was real - just the idea behind it was different than most people. Divorcing was the only way to keep Heidi's career going because everyone hated me so much. Look at Sandra Bullock - her divorce from Jesse James was the best thing to happen to her image."

According to the couple, British network ITV had been interested in a TV show covering their split, prompting the pair to move to Costa Rica to co-ordinate their separation, but when The Deal fell through they decided to reunite.

Spencer - who recently revealed the couple are considering filing for bankruptcy after blowing their multi-million dollar Fortune - now fears he will never work in TV again because his public image is so damaged.

He told Life and Style magazine: "I can't make regular money because I was playing such an unlikeable character on TV to keep my cheques coming. Who wants to hire the jerk from 'The Hills'?"