Heidi Montag has opened up to Celebuzz.com about her life in front of the camera and under the knife, in an extensive, tell all discussion where she admitted that, even after some considerable time away from the public eye, she has come to terms with the fact that she will "never be able to be Heidi Montag, a normal person, again."
After years of well publicized scandal and numerous stints on varying reality shows, the former Hills star and her husband, Spencer Pratt, have resigned themselves to her father's beach-side property in Santa Barbara, California, in order to re-evaluate their life and career.
She also admitted that she is nothing like the 'character' she portrays in the public light, and that she and Spencer, regardless of what people may think, "never were."
Montag, who famously had an astonishing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, also opened up on her personal appearance demons, but thankfully admitted that she feels better than ever. She also said that she is determined to get herself into the best shape she's been in and want to "be the healthiest and fittest [she's been] ever".
Also on discussion was her future topic, which include two new reality-based shows set for release next year.