Heidi Montag was "really getting along" with her estranged husband before he announced plans to release sex tapes of her.

The former 'Hills' star was joined by Spencer Pratt - who signed divorce papers less than two weeks ago - to help her move into a new home in Costa Rica, but relations "turned" when the blonde beauty learned of Spencer's plans to sell the raunchy footage.

Heidi told People magazine: "Everything was calm and going smoothly with the divorce. We were really getting along and it was amazing he was being so thoughtful to help me move. Then things turned."

Spencer claims he found the X-rated clips of Heidi and former Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon - one of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends - in the attic of the Malibu home he previously shared with his spouse.

Spencer, 26, also claims to have two sex tapes featuring himself and Heidi, which he plans to release if she refuses to give into his pleas to make another reality TV show with him.

He said: "I told Heidi . if you don't want to do the new reality show with me, then I'll have to release old footage. I can get $5 million from a sex tape, but I really don't want to do that. It's not the way I want things to be. Heidi is furious with me but I need to look out for myself."

Publicly Heidi, 23, has denied the recording even exists, saying: "There is no sex tape that exists and there never was.

"Spencer is trying to drum up press. This is exactly why I wanted to divorce him in the first place."

However, gossip website TMZ, claims that Heidi has privately agreed to meet with pornographic video distributor Steve Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, who released Kim Kardashian's sex tape with rapper Ray J.

According to the website, Steve told them he is flying to Costa Rica next week to meet with Heidi, who has requested to see sales figures for Kim Kardashian's tape, and may be interested in a "back-end deal"- where she would receive a percentage of sales - if he can't offer enough cash up front for her.