THE HILLS star Heidi Montag is "heartbroken" following the death of her stepbrother ERIC O'HARA, and has jetted to Colorado to grieve with her family. O'Hara died last Thursday (28Feb08), at the age of 24, after falling from the roof of a hotel, while clearing snow. Montag has been accompanied on her trip by boyfriend and co-star Spencer Pratt. A friend tells, "Heidi is absolutely heartbroken. Spencer has been trying to comfort her since she heard about Eric and they will both attend the funeral together. Heidi was very proud of her brother's military record and will really miss him." O'Hara's sister Carissa Berlet adds, "Eric last spoke to Heidi in October (07) after he left the Army, and he was pleased about her success on The Hills. When we were growing up, we would all play together. Eric loved to ski and play all kinds of sports, just like Heidi. Eric's death is a real tragedy and we are all coming together to mourn his passing."