German supermodel Heidi Klum is so fond of Victoria's Secret latest mega-expensive diamond-encrusted Christmas lingerie set, she's planning to steal it and take it home.

The sexy model will show off the $11 million (GBP6.9 million) bra and panties at the VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW on 19 November (03), but yesterday (14OCT03) she donned the glitzy gear for the first time.

The impressive FANTASY outfit features 6,000 stones - yellow and orange sapphires, garnets, amethysts and diamonds, 2,500 carats, and a dangling 70-carat Excelsior Diamond.

Designed by jewellers MOUAWAD, Klum admits the Fantasy set is exactly what she'd like to find under her Christmas tree.

She says, "If I had this bra and panties I'd wear it all the time."

15/10/2003 13:41