German supermodel Heidi Klum has refused to bear all in men's magazine Playboy after talks with the publication broke down.

The legendary publication was desperate to have sexy Klum on their front cover, but, according to the PAGE SIX website, Klum's demands for black-and-white photographs and a female photographer didn't appeal to the publishers.

A source says, "Playboy offered Heidi $1 million three months ago to be on the cover and do a spread. Heidi has never been photographed nude before and for $1 million, she was interested.

"The talks broke down late last week because Heidi insisted on a black and white cover. Playboy said that wouldn't sell, so she walked away from the deal."

Representatives for the model didn't comment to Page Six, but a Playboy spokesperson says, "Of course Playboy has spoken to Heidi. Right now there are no plans for her to appear in the magazine."

18/09/2003 18:14