Supermodel Heidi Klum is determined to look sexy and stunning when she struts her stuff on the catwalk at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show even though she has just given birth.

The German model will reveal all at the televised event on 9 November (05), and she's working hard to fight the pounds she packed on while pregnant with two-month-old son HENRY - so she'll look fabulous on the big night.

She says, "At the end of my pregnancy I weighed 167 pounds, but so far I've been lucky in that the weight has been coming off pretty quickly on its own.

"If I just keep eating well and running around after two kids, it will all be fine."

Meanwhile, Klum has been training with DAVID KIRSCH, the strict fitness guru behind the trendy New York Body Plan work-out, for two hours a day for the past two weeks.

And her catwalk-ready diet, cooked up by Kirsch includes protein shakes, greens and as many egg whites as she can stomach.

Klum admits that although she feels great now she's in shape again, she wishes there was an easy way to lose baby weight: "It's very hard. I hate it... I wish I could just write a cheque to somebody and somebody else could do it for me."