Supermodel Heidi Klum found unlikely inspiration when naming her new son - choosing to call him after wartime plane terminology.

The German beauty gave birth to her second child on 12 September (05), and soon afterwards announced that she and her British rocker husband Seal had chosen HENRY GUNTHER ADEMOLA DASHTU SAMUEL to be his name.

And the baby's fourth name Dashtu was created by Seal as a tribute to Klum's daughter LENI and his love of military history.

Klum explains, "He has four names and then his last name. My husband is English, but he is from Nigeria originally and they all have a lot of names. So he has one of Seal's names, he has one of my father's names and then he has a funny name that Seal really liked and then Samuel.

"Dashtu's the funny one. It is unusual. It is a dash and two, but we write it out, because Seal really liked it that Henry goes after our daughter, LENI.

"It's kind of like a war term, when the first plane goes, there's always another plane following and it's called dash two: 'Dash two is on course, dash two is following the first place!' I thought it was really nice so I went with it."