Anyone searching online for content on model Heidi Klum, beware; the 38 year-old has been found to be the riskiest celebrity to search for on the web, according to research conducted by internet security company MCAfee.

The model beat Cameron Diaz into second place for the dubious honour, which calculates how likely someone browsing the internet will pick up malware content when searching for links to celebrity content. Searches for Klum reportedly have a 1-in-10 chance of running into malware, personal information hacking or other viruses; she ousts Diaz who was top of the 2010 list.

"Success" may be short lived for the Victoria's Secret model though as Scarlett Johansson - number 9 on this year's list - has recently found herself victim of an alleged hacking of her phone, with nude photos being taken from the device, reports CBS News. The threat of her name is only set to rise as interest in the pictures increases.

Surprisingly low on the list were pop stars Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa. A Twitter and Facebook sensation, Bieber's social networking fame surprisingly hasn't prompted hackers into action and he sits at number 49 on the list; Gaga meanwhile is even lower at 58.