One of the more odd but endearing celebrity romances looks to have come to an end after it was revealed that former Adamski vocalist and solo artist Seal and super model Heidi Klum have split after around six and a half years of marriage which yielded three biological children, with the British musician also adopting one of Klum's kids from a previous marriage.
Entertainment website Tmz has broken the reason for the split, with sources close to the couple claiming that Klum had grown tired of Seal's temper, viewing his inability to keep his anger under control detrimental to the upbringing of their children; it's thought that the pair's respective careers may also have been a bone of contention with the 38 year-old model a multi-millionaire that's come about due to her acclimatisation as a shrewd business woman. Seal for his part has never really hit the heights of the early 90s when Adamski had their club crossover hit 'Killer' and he went on to pen the song 'Kiss From A Rose' which eventually appeared on the 1995 Hollywood blockbuster 'Batman Forever.'
In a statement, the pair said "We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart." Although initially being reported as a split, it now appears that Klum wants a divorce.