Heidi Klum is proud of how her son Henry reacted when he got caught in a rip current in Hawaii recently.

The seven-year-old boy got into trouble while swimming with his nannies on holiday and had to be rescued by Heidi and her boyfriend Martin Kristen and Heidi, 39, has praised Henry for remaining calm during the terrifying incident.

She told E! News: ''Henry was great. One second everything was fine, and the next second the wave came and swept him in--it happened like that. And he knew what to do. He kind of went under and swam out. It took like four seconds and he was out. I just had to take him and grab him and yank him out.

''My son is a fantastic swimmer, I'm really proud of him, proud of all my kids. They all started swimming when they were 2 years old and they know the safety about how to react and not freak out.''

Heidi and Martin also helped to get the two nannies to safety but luckily no one was seriously hurt.

Heidi added: ''You know the grown-ups, they have a harder time, they could not so they need a bit more help.''