Heidi Klum paid homage to Michael Jackson with her 2017 Halloween costume.

The 44-year-old model wowed at her 18th annual Halloween party in New York on Tuesday night (31.10.17) in an impressive recreation of the werewolf in the iconic 'Thriller' video.

Speaking at the event, she shared: ''Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video is so iconic and it is so fabulous that we had to redo that for Halloween so we're all learning this dance. Obviously, I'm not as good as Michael, no one ever will be as good as Michael, but I really tried my hardest.''

Heidi is known for her elaborate and impressive Halloween outfits over the years including Jessica Rabbit, an older version of herself and a butterfly and she has revealed this year's outfit was one of the more comfortable to wear apart from the teeth.

Asked what is the toughest part of her outfit to wear this year, she added: ''The teeth! Today is easy, my shoes are easy, and Michael's loafers with some nice scrunchy socks, but the teeth are a little hard.''

The blonde beauty is a huge fan of Halloween and she just loves dressing up for the annual holiday.

She told Entertainment Tonight: ''Look at this madness, what is not to love? It's scary, people are dressing up, people are unrecognisable. So that's the whole fun of it, people dressing up!''

During the day, Heidi had been teasing parts of her costume, which she had been planning since June, on social media.

She said: ''I like to keep it fun, you know. I usually start planning in June. It's not just going to be just getting dressed easily, I always have a lot of prosthetics done with these amazing people that do this for me.

''Tomorrow I'm going to be there for six hours gluing all this stuff on. I have a lot of stuff being glued, yeah. Because last year I didn't do anything, I was me with five clones, which I thought was just a fun idea.''