Heidi Klum ''loves'' leopard print.

The 44-year-old supermodel has admitted her style has changed over time as she now prefers to wear colourful outfits and printed garments instead of more simplistic clothes, and her passion for the trend inspired her clothing line with Lidl named Esmara.

The style icon told Vogue.com: ''I dress very colourfully nowadays and lots of print. My closet is too small I think.

''I think the leopard print is a new classic! Leopard is never out of style. It's strong and wild and a little bit mysterious, like a modern woman should be. I think it's a print that my mother would love to wear but also something I love to wear. Personally, I'd mix a floral print with my leopard jacket, and then maybe add something in a stripe. Because that's what's hot right now: print clashing.

''For me fashion is fun and I would love for every woman to have fun with cool clothes.''

And the catwalk icon believes her interest in the print will rub off on her customers.

She said: ''I am absolutely convinced that there are many women who would really like to wear or even try on a leopard suit. For, let's say, 500€ they probably won't buy it, especially if they're unsure [but] for around 35€ you're like 'Ok. Wow! Let's just try it and see what happens.'''

The 'Project Runway' judge has revealed her daily regime sees her carry out a ''kind of game'' with herself as she decides what outfit to wear to become the person she wants to be on that day that is different to the woman she woke up as.

She explained: ''My daily style answers an important question for me: 'Which person do I want to be today?' The clothes I'm wearing lead me through my day and bring me into the mood I like to be in. It is kind of a game between the person I like to be and the person that woke up in the morning. I enjoy that very much because it shows the power and strength of fashion. I couldn't live with an every-day-is-the-same kind of style. I am not the person from yesterday, am I?''