Heidi Klum is teaching her children how to cook.

The German supermodel, who has two daughters, Leni, 10, and Lou, four, and two sons, Henry, eight, Johan, seven, with ex-husband Seal, gets them to assist her in the kitchen, as she thinks it's very important that they see how nutritious meals are made.

The 'Project Runway' host, who also volunteers with the organisation God's Love We Deliver, which provides meals for people who are too sick to cook for themselves, told UsMagazine.com: ''[My kids] cook everything with me. They barbecue with me, they chop with me. The little one washes. Everyone has their part to do, because I think it's important they see how food is made, how a dish is made.''

She added: ''A lot of younger people nowadays don't know how to cook. No one taught them. So I think it's important to teach that to them.''

The blonde beauty, 41, admits she is very strict about table manners and was furious when Henry recently damaged her dining table.

She said: ''My son Henry carved his name into the dining room table. I said, 'What's your favorite sports car?' He said, 'A Ferrari.' So I said, 'Well, imagine you had a Ferrari and I took a knife and wrote Heidi all over the hood.' I'm like, 'Think of all the pieces of furniture in the house as little Ferraris, okay?' He got it.''