Heidi Klum is confident of making women ''happy'' with her inclusive Lidl range.

The 44-year-old beauty has teamed up with the German retail chain to launch her own clothing line, and Heidi is sure the collaboration will satisfy a broad range of women.

She said: ''What is so amazing about this collaboration is I can reach so many women, I feel that I can make so many woman happy.''

The German model said that her clothing range will be affordable for everyone, as opposed to high-end brands, which are only available to ''four or five per cent of women''.

Heidi explained: ''There are so many designers already that are in the high-end market but that's only four or five per cent of women in the world that can afford it and a lot of these brands only exist because of their sunglasses, their perfume or their bags.

''Not a lot of people can buy a head-to-toe from on the biggest designers - it's impossible. But you can buy head-to-toe from my range for under €70, I can only do it because we are going into over 10,000 stores - can you tell me anyone else who is in 10,000 stores?''

Heidi - who has previously modelled for the likes of Victoria's Secret and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue - also admitted she was conscious of adopting an inclusive approach to her designs.

She told the Irish Times newspaper: ''I'm talking to so many women out there it would be hard for everyone to wear such fashion-forward pieces.

''But in terms of cuts, I don't have anything really unusual, so I tried to go easier on the silhouettes, the fabric and the print.''