Heidi Klum was cheating on her ex-husband Seal with her bodyguard during their marriage, causing their marriage to break up. At least that's what Seal says about the situation, however Klum has now refuted these claim and said she never did anything of the sort when they were still together.

Yesterday morning, TMZ uploaded a video were Seal admitted to the world that the reason he and Klum parted ways was because of her infidelity and he was forced to file the papers for her unforgivable act. However, that's not what Heidi thinks as she has been telling a number of her close friends that this story is complete hogwash.

Supposedly, Heidi told one of her close friends today that her relationship with the bodyguard in question was "strictly professional" while she was still married, with the friend in question then coming forward to TMZ to give Klum's side of the story. When the friend was quizzed on what Klum's relationship with the bodyguard was like now, the source was coy and only revealed that the two are in an "undefined" relationship. The friend then went on to say that it was Seal, not Heidi, who is to blame for the deterioration and eventual collapse of their marriage.

The two separated in January this year, eventually filing for divorce in April. At the time, it was initially reported that the reason behind their split was down to Heidi being unable to handle Seal's temper, even though Seal was desperately trying to save the marriage.