Heidi Klum had to ''hustle'' to make it in the fashion industry.

The 44-year-old supermodel has recalled the time she was pitching 'Project Runway' to different networks and not getting the results she wanted, admitting it was tough but she tried hard and persevered.

She said: ''I was going to all the different networks, trying to sell the show and they were like, 'Why would we want to watch designers sew clothes on their sewing machines?' I had to dress myself out of my own closet. I said to them, 'We're doing a show about fashion. I need you guys to get my stylists and I need stuff that is, like, now! I can't walk around in my Timberlands.

''I didn't have the closet that I have now. I had to make do a little bit more. You know, hair and makeup, they would get you ready in the morning and then they'd leave you hanging high and dry. By the end of the day, I was, like, sweaty, stuff was everywhere. Things have changed, so that's good. You gotta hustle sometimes. I mean, sometimes you just have to make it work.''

Heidi is known for her amazing figure but she insists she doesn't eat or drink anything special or low fat.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: ''When I drink milk, I drink whole milk. Or if I have a Coca-Cola, I drink real Coca-Cola. I don't do anything fat-free.

''We cook every day. I don't really go to restaurants that much. We have dinner at six o'clock every night. I eat early with my kids and exercise a little bit.''