Heidi Klum had to be evacuated from the live final of 'Germany's Next Top Model' after a bomb threat was called in.

Up to 10,000 people, including the host, had to leave the SAP Arena in Mannheim on Thursday night (14.05.15) 45 minutes into the broadcast of the TV show following the threat which was received at approximately 9pm.

German website Spiegel.de has also reported the supermodel was approached during a commercial break by a man claimed he was in possession of a bomb.

Klum and her daughter Leni and the jury of the show were taken to an undisclosed location outside the venue, while the crowd were moved to a safe distance.

Once everyone had been evacuated, police swept the building with aid of a specialist sniffer dog and discovered a unattended suitcase near the cloakroom. It was later revealed to not contain any explosives.

Filming was suspended with German broadcaster ProSieben announcing on its Twitter account: ''We're sorry. We'll no longer be broadcasting today.''

Klum took to her Facebook page to inform fans what had happened and what the conclusion of the series will now be.

She wrote: ''GNT fans, unfortunately we could tonight hold our grand finale tonight and celebrate the end as we had planned it. I'm very sorry for all the girls, the team and especially for you, our fans at home and in the hall. We had a great show prepared fr you which promised a great atmosphere: all the former winners, great music acts, walks and much more. I am already looking forward to announcing a beautiful winner in a few days. We will find Germany's Next Top Model 2015! We promise! Best wishes and kisses, your Heidi (sic)''

No group has yet taken responsibility for the threat.

'Germany's Next Topmodel' - which is based on Tyra Banks' show 'America's Next Top Model' - has attracted criticism in the European country for promoting unrealistic notions of beauty to impressionable teenage viewers.

However, broadcaster ProSieben has repeatedly defend the format citing that independent regulators who have reviewed the programme can find no issue with the content and recommend it is suitable for viewers aged six and up.