Heidi Klum can't please her British husband Seal with her disastrous tea making skills.

The German supermodel admits she's a failure when it comes to brewing the traditional hot beverage, and the 'Kiss From a Rose' singer now won't even leave her in charge of putting the kettle on.

She said: "The water can never be hot enough for him, and only when the tea is just the right colour can you add the milk. Maybe when I'm 80, I'll be allowed to make it!"

Despite her shortcomings in the beverage stakes, Heidi's spouse still puts plenty of effort into their relationship.

She added to Good Housekeeping magazine: "He always makes me feel I'm the only woman in the world. He's the most charming, loving, fun, gentlemanly, inspirational man I could have wished for."

The couple - who raise four children together, Leni, seven, Henry, five, Johan, four, and 18-month-old Lou - also make sure to make time for each other, even if it's to do mundane tasks, such as shopping.

Heidi, 37, explained: "We may be parents but we still make time to be a couple. We'll go shopping together. The kids think that's the most boring thing on the planet. We like to have fun with each other."

Heidi and Seal are famous for renewing their wedding vows every year since their 2005 marriage, throwing huge parties, often with themes, including a 'White Trash' event in 2009.