Heidi Klum is already working on her Halloween costume.

It may be a few months before the 44-year-old supermodel holds her annual Halloween bash but she has already set to work on her outfit for the big party.

She said: ''I always start in the summer. Things are being built already. It takes a long time to build things, especially when I have a ton of, you know, plastic pieces to put on my face to change my face, they have to be built. Or if I have contact lenses, weird colours, they have to be made. Or teeth have to be made. Like I go really into the details. You know. sometimes I change the shape of my ears.''

Heidi is known for her extravagant Halloween outfits - having dressed up as Jessica Rabbit, herself with five clones and forbidden fruit in the past.

Speaking about her 2017 theme, she added: ''It's going to be a scary one. Because last year, you know, I didn't dress up at all. I just had five clones that'd be like me, which was very hard to do. And so this time, I was like 'I'm going to have to do something crazy for me again.' For me, [last year] was so easy. I loved it! I just got my own makeup done, put my own outfit on, fantastic! And that never happens. Usually I sit in hair and makeup for like ten hours. It takes a long time.''

And the blonde beauty - who has four children, Helene, 13, Henry, 11, Johan, 10, and Lou, seven - really loved when she dressed up as a 95-year-old but admits it took a lot of work.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''When I was 95 years old, everything, every knuckle, like all my legs, everything ... Everything that is visual, that is skin of 95 would be older, so they have to make all these pieces for it.''