Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is allegedly opening brothels in America and Europe - despite serving 20 months in prison in the late 90s for running a high-profile prostitution ring.

The 38-year-old - whose past customers included actors Charlie Sheen and TOM SIZEMORE - will reportedly open a house of ill-repute in Nevada, where soliciting is legal, and another brothel in a wealthy European city, reports website NYDAILYNEWS.COM.

But her representative, CHARLES LAGO insists, "She's only opening one brothel, and it's in Nevada. It's still in the very early planning stages.

"She doesn't want to talk about that right now - it's not confirmed yet. She's having meetings next week. Once those meetings are done, we'll know more."

An insider counters, "She'll have two brothels - one in Nevada and one in Europe. The one in Nevada is going to be outside of Las Vegas, where it's allowed, and it's going to be a multi-million dollar facility.

"She's also planning on traveling to Brazil, Thailand and several Eastern Europe countries to scout new talent and recruit girls."

13/12/2004 17:39