Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is all a flutter over pet store birds and has joined animal rights group PETA to protest the sale of her feathered friends.
The sex trade icon, a former girlfriend of actor Tom Sizemore, owns more than 20 birds that she allows to fly free at her Nevada home - and now she's heading a campaign to urge America's leading pet store chain to stop selling parrots, parrakeet's and budgies.
She'll be in New York on Wednesday (17Jun09) to talk at Outsmarts annual shareholders' meeting.
She says, "It's cruel what has been done to birds. Ideally, my goal would be for them to open a bird habitat, where people could come see these creatures. They could make money like Sea World, off of things like admission and merchandise. They would be doing the right thing. I'd even run it for them."