Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is using her horrific drug experiences to prepare for her movie role as a heroin-addicted fortune teller.

The ex-fiancee of actor TOM SIZEMORE - who now hosts a saucy American radio show - is delighted about her ambitious part in indie horror film ALIEN 51.

Fleiss says, "I get scripts and all different things across the board every day. Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't, and I read this script and loved it."

Fleiss admits she didn't have to dig too deep to create her wild character, EVELDA, but she has never tried heroin.

She tells film magazine Femme Fatale, "My drug habit was $100 (GBP55)-a-month. I was doing crystal meth and Valium."

Alien 51 also features Fleiss' brother JESSE.

24/06/2004 13:48