Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss is rooting for her ex Tom Sizemore to rake in as much cash as he can with acting projects - because she plans to sue him for a huge chunk of it.

BLACK HAWK DOWN star Sizemore was found guilty of abusing Fleiss at a criminal trial last year (03), and now she plans to do battle with him in a civil court, so she's thrilled to see he has a healthy roster of projects in production.

She tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "I want him to make as much money as he can. I want him to be happy and make lots and lots of money. I hope he works a whole lot and gets $20 million a picture because I'm suing him 'cause what he did to me was not right."

In the case, Fleiss alleged Sizemore hit her and damaged or destroyed her valuable property.

While Sizemore was found guilty in the criminal case, he hasn't served any jail time because the judge allowed him to enter a drug rehabilitation program. But recently he had his probation revoked after allegedly refusing to complete a drug test - he will remain free until a hearing later this year (04).

28/09/2004 00:15