Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss is threatening to sue two American newspapers, claiming she's being harassed by reporters trying to pin sex stories on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fleiss insists she never had any business dealings with the Terminator star, who is currently running for Governor of California, but journalists from the LOS ANGELES TIMES and BOSTON GLOBE are desperate to dig up something to discredit Arnie.

Interest was sparked after one vice girl's claims in new DVD HOLLYWOOD MADAM PARTIES.

In the saucy release, one woman hints that she slept with Schwarzenegger, adding "These people are supposed to be married and respectable. If people only knew."

But Fleiss insists that doesn't warrant the level of harassment she's currently facing.

She says, "These two guys came up and they just started questioning me. They asked the most intrusive questions about Arnold Schwarzenegger and they looked like FBI agents - but no, they're from the Los Angeles Times.

"The Boston Globe wanted to know something about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Somehow some rumours have gone round that I have some orgy footage of Arnold with two women. I have nothing of the sort.

"Arnold has never been a client. I don't know him, never did business with him. I have had nothing to do with him."

01/10/2003 09:49