Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr once blackmailed a movie bigwig to land a film role opposite Bob Hope.
The actress caught the unnamed executive having an affair with another actress and threatened to tell his wife if he didn't help her secure a film role.
The revelation comes from Lamarr biographer Devra Hill, who recounts the story in her new book What Almost Happened To Hedy Lamarr.
Hill says, "He (executive) was married and had children and Hedy had told him she had caught him having an affair and he got a little upset.
"She wanted to do a certain movie at the time and he wasn't that enthusiastic about the movie, and yet she got the movie made - because she told him she saw him having this affair.
"She made a funny movie with Bob Hope, My Favourite Spy, and Hollywood didn't think of her as a comedienne, so that may have been the movie. She never said what film it was."