Reggaeton star Hector 'EL FATHER' has announced he will quit music in the next five years - to become a doctor. The 28-year-old Puerto Rican has always dreamed of studying medicine and is determined to become a fully fledged doctor by the time he is 40. El Father intends to walk away from his singing career to study paediatrics at the Santo Domingo Medical School in the Dominican Republic. He says, "This is a goal that, believe me, I'll reach. My career is at its peak, but I've checked up a lot on this, and Santo Domingo has one of the best medical schools." He has already started preparing for working with children, by injecting his six-year-old diabetic son Joel 'Tico’ Delgado Carrasquillo with insulin. El Father adds, "I don't have a problem with blood or needles. Tico is diabetic and I have to give him his shots, draw blood, and take care of him. "I love kids. I have 15 nieces and nephews and I'm very patient. That's why I really like paediatrics and within five years I'm going to start studying medicine. I want to be a doctor; I want to be a paediatrician."