Heather Morris is delighted her son is sleeping through the night.

The 27-year-old actress and boyfriend Taylor Hubbell welcomed son Elijah into the world last September and the couple are finally able to have their bedtime undisturbed as the little boy has a regular schedule.

She said: ''He gets about 10 hours of sleep a night. I go to bed about an hour afterwards. So I get eight or nine hours.''

And the former 'Glee' actress says it is vital she gets enough shut-eye to stay looking fresh-faced.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''You need a lot of sleep, a lot of water. I use Mario Badescu's honey moisturiser. I find that to be the best [for] skin, to take care my face.''

While she loves parenthood, Heather admits her social life has taken a back seat since her son was born.

She said: ''I never get to go out.''

Prior to having her son, Heather admitted she wanted to marry Taylor and have children and was even willing to give up her career to focus on her dream.

She said: ''I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him. I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won't continue.''