Heather Morris, who plays dim-witted cheerleader Brittany on hit Fox show Glee has denied that her latest photo-shoot has glamorised domestic violence.

The actress can be seen in a variety of poses including being tied up while holding an iron's electrical cord between her teeth but the picture which has caused most controversy is the shot of her with a black eye which some critics says evokes images of domestic violence. However, Los Angeles photographer TYLER SHIELDS defended her work saying "In no way were we promoting domestic violence. We wanted to do a bruised-up Barbie shoot and that's exactly what we did!" according to eonline.com. The photo has also come under criticism from Rita Smith who is the executive director for National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, who says that the shoot is inappropriate considering the recent experience of R&B star Rihanna "I don't know what the purpose of the series of photos is other than showing her in a different light" she said, adding "But there is nothing glamorous about violence and I think the real photos of Rihanna would show that it's not a beautiful thing that happens to you." Photographer Shields is no stranger to controversy and raised eyebrows last year following a photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan.

Heather Morris has been a Glee cast member since the show originally aired in 2009, she is also a dancer and has appeared on dance show contest So You Think You Can Dance. After moving to Los Angeles she was hired as a backing dancer in Beyonce's 2007 tour.