A new documentary about Heather Mills claims the wife of Sir Paul McCartney is a gold-digger with a murky past.

Former friends, family members and ex-lovers of the one-time topless model have been recruited by British TV network CHANNEL 4 to tell all about Mills - who married the former beatle last June (02).

And they paint a mixed picture of the 35-year-old - who lost a leg in a traffic accident in 1993.

The documentary discusses mysterious periods of her life - most notably her teenage years - that are also missing from her autobiography.

ROS ASHLEY, a former "pleasure wife" of rich Arab businessmen, claims she met Mills when she was just 18 - and introduced her to a number of wealthy Lebanese businessmen.

She claims Heather enjoyed the hospitality of oil-rich Arabs and a world of casinos, hotels and private jets.

Ashley says, "Heather's ambition was to meet a wealthy man, whether Arab, English, French, Spanish, whatever would give her wealth and status."

Mills married sales manager ALFIE KARMAL in 1989 - but he claims she was a compulsive liar who had a string of affairs before leaving him.

The former model tied the knot to McCartney in Ireland last June after a whirlwind romance and there has even been talk of them starting a family together.

But the ghosts from Heather's past warn the rocker his perfect marriage may not be all it seems.

Her former sister-in-law DIANA KARMAL tells the documentary, which will be screened in the UK tomorrow (7MAY03), "She's very destructive. She is like a praying mantis when it comes to men. She uses her sexual charms quite brilliantly and they are the ones who are hurt."

06/05/2003 13:39