Celebrity amputee Heather Mills stunned America on TV show Dancing With The Stars last night (02APR07) when she leapt from the stage on a leg made specially for her in just two days. The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney and dancing partner Jonathan Roberts were struggling with jive moves for the US TV contest because her prosthetic 'dancing' leg didn't allow her to bounce. So she called on a Los Angeles limb fitter to create a jiving leg for her - and he came up with just the thing in two days. Appearing on Los Angeles DJ RYAN SEACREST's breakfast show this morning (03APR07), Mills said, "Normally it takes four weeks to make a leg; you have to get a socket cast made and then you've got to get an alignment and every little adjustment. "This guy was fantastic; he did it in two days, and put a foot on that gave me a bit of bounce." But Mills had to trade in her dancing shoes for the jiving round of the show - because she couldn't put her new foot in a pair of heels. She added, "You couldn't put that foot, because it was a sports foot, into heels, so I had to wear sneakers for that, and luckily it managed to work." Mills and Roberts started their routine to Marvin Gaye's CAN I GET A WITNESS by jumping from the stage to the dance floor after the amputee convinced the professional her new leg would take the pressure.