Heather Mills has once again taunted her ex-husband Paul McCartney on live television.

Speaking on GMTV, Mills implied that the ex-Beatle was dating three different women.

"I think he's got three different girlfriends so I wish all the girls the best of luck. Better them than me," she said on today's show.

She also provided some more information on the reports that she threw water over McCartney's lawyer Fiona Shackleton during their divorce trial.

"The trial happened, it finished, I was thanked by the judge, and that was the end of that," Mills said.

"I went back to the court, and Paul's lawyers and him argued to have the judgment put out with all my daughter's private information and our private information on this one-sided judgment.

"And Mrs Shackleton said something under her breath so I cleansed and baptised her. I thought she looked fantastic - I thought it did her the world of good."

Mills claimed during the interview that the public's perception of her mattered little in her outlook on life and said it was her charity work that helped her through difficult periods.

"People love me or hate me, and all I think about is the people that I know and suffer with different causes, and carry on with my charity work which keeps me alive, really," she said.

Mills was awarded a £24.3 million divorce settlement last month after her four-year marriage to McCartney.

11/04/2008 17:57:50