Heather Mills is set to return to court to appeal against a gagging order preventing her from talking publicly about her divorce battle with Sir Paul McCartney. Mills lost an appeal at London's High Court on Tuesday (18Mar08) to stop details of the case from entering the public domain and Judge Mr Justice Bennett subsequently published his findings. The former glamour model won $33 million (GBP16.5 million) cash and assets worth $15.6 million (GBP7.8 million) following the breakdown of her four-year marriage to the former Beatle last Monday (17Mar08), but faced a barrage of criticism in the press after the judge slammed her evidence as "unreliable" and accused the 40-year-old of indulging in "make-belief". Mills then responded by publicly condemning the judge's decision to publish the report and claimed the revelations have added to her media "vilification" and violated her "human rights". And now Mills, who shares custody of her four-year-old daughter Beatrice with MCCartney, wants a judge to overturn the gagging order so she can set the record straight without the risk of being found in contempt of court. Her lawyer David Rosen says, "Heather is very frustrated. She feels that it's very unfair that the judgement should be printed in full when she cannot defend herself. "She's planning to apply to lift the ban. It was damning enough that the judge made his judgement so clear and vividly - no one deserves that. It's like a prolonged hanging for her." MCCartney and Mills split in May 2006 after four years of marriage.