Heather Mills will ban any news media outlet from reporting on her impending divorce battle with Sir Paul McCartney if they continue to poke fun at her, according to her new publicist MICHELE ELYZABETH. The former model was ridiculed by the media in the U.K. and the U.S. for urging people to drink rat's milk after claiming 80 per cent of global warming comes from livestock. And the coverage of her appeal has forced Mills to ban particular media outlets from reporting on her divorce battle with the former Beatle. Elyzabeth tells New York gossip column PageSix, "She was joking about the rats. But she was serious about the milk. "They want to make fun of her? Now CBS is out. Inside Edition, out. Most British press, including the Daily Mirror and The Mail, out. "Believe me, all these outlets will be sorry. It's good for me because I'm saving time by cutting them out of my schedule. A bunch of them are idiots, somebody should shut them up." She adds, "Heather married Paul MCCartney, period. It's not going away. And during this divorce they (the media) will need access and are not going to get it. "They are assholes. There are limits and they make fun of her. They've crossed the line."